Our first annual Spring Raffle was a big success. Thank you!

The winners:  Linda Myashita, Lisa Love (x2), Jesse Regan, Ernie Galgozy, Diane Armstrong.

Welcome to our first annual Spring Time Raffle. For this event we have a total of 6 baskets. There are two ways of getting your tickets. You can buy paper tickets through one of our many volunteers, or for added convenience, purchase them electronically right here using PayPal.

Purchasing your tickets here only takes two steps. 

1. Send us your contact info such as your name and email address. As an added bonus, you'll also become registered to receive Youngstown Blue Coats updates.

2. Login to your PayPal to purchase your 6 entries for only $5! It's that easy.

The drawing will be held May 26, 2018. The winners will then be notified in the order their name was pulled and given their choice of baskets until all are gone.

Step 1.) Contact information
Step 2.) Purchase your tickets.
* Drink cups * Plates * Drink umbrellas * Shot glasses * Surfboard tray
* Watering can * Gloves * Hand tools * Seed packets * Binoculars
* Body rollers * Water bottle * Exercise DVDs * Stretch bands * More!
* Assorted dog foods * Treats! * Toys * Bowls * More!
* Hasan agility ladder * Cone w bag * Kite * Baseball bat * Frisbee golf
* POW flag * POW Coin * POW Patch * POW Wind sock * The Buzz polo shirt
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The mission is simple. In America, nobody should freeze to death. We bridge the gap between the shelters and homeless camps in the winter. We march out into the woods in late evening hours looking for homeless. We give them coats, hats, gloves, sleeping bags, boots, tents, tarps, and socks. We look even harder for our Veterans. They're usually found helping other people. We do this with no questions asked, no middle man, and we are all volunteers. We say "we" a lot because we are a family. Many people united with one goal. This isn't one of those puppy commercials with the music in the background. This is freezing your butt off, soaking wet from sleet, marching through the woods in the dark, shivering, hoping you don't fall in the river again, emotionally draining work that takes its toll on even the hardest Marines. We go to where the people are. We go to where the homeless call home. We make sure they stay warm. It's that simple.



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