"In America, Nobody Should Freeze to Death."

Our mission at Youngstown Blue Coats is to prevent the freezing and injury caused by extreme weather exposure to the homeless and financially destitute Americans, with a special focus on military veterans.


The Youngstown Blue Coats is run entirely by volunteers. Transportation, fuel and other incidentals have been provided by our members. Donations consist of gently used and serviceable material items.


Our intent is to continue to collect sleeping bags and other warming items and distribute these directly to the homeless. Additionally, we look to fundraisers, concentrated donation drives using email, social media, phones and direct request to raise additional monetary donations. These donations will be used to support our mission of providing for the homeless wherever we find them.


We advocate for those who need our help. Even a little goes a long way. That is why we are especially happy to find new volunteers who share our commitment to finding those exposed to the elements and offering them warming items.

We'd like for you to meet our newest member

Alexander J. Luke


Our bus, Alexander, comes to us from The Sub Zero Mission as a donation to help support our mission. Alexander is named after a war hero and silver star recipient. Read his story to the left. Clicking the image will magnify the story!


The mission is simple. In America, nobody should freeze to death. We bridge the gap between the shelters and homeless camps in the winter. We march out into the woods in late evening hours looking for homeless. We give them coats, hats, gloves, sleeping bags, boots, tents, tarps, and socks. We look even harder for our Veterans. They're usually found helping other people. We do this with no questions asked, no middle man, and we are all volunteers. We say "we" a lot because we are a family. Many people united with one goal. This isn't one of those puppy commercials with the music in the background. This is freezing your butt off, soaking wet from sleet, marching through the woods in the dark, shivering, hoping you don't fall in the river again, emotionally draining work that takes its toll on even the hardest Marines. We go to where the people are. We go to where the homeless call home. We make sure they stay warm. It's that simple.



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